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Thread: ntt vs steam

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    ntt vs steam

    I'm not sure if I understand the differences between ntt knight online servers and steam knight online.
    it seems as though they have different servers and are kind of two separate games. Also I think they have different game currencies and prices in power up store.
    If someone can correct me if I'm wrong or have any more details about the two. Which one do you prefer? are prices on power up store the same?

    Thanks in advance

    my current characters are on NTT from original KO back in the day

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    You are asking for something that can not be done over night. It has taken years to get the servers as clean as they are on USKO. It will take time, but Steam servers will eventually get a lot better.

    Something you all have to consider. NTTGame and Steam are only the publishers of the game. MGAME and NOAH SYSTEM are the developers. The developers are the ones in charge of patches, updates, and changes made to the game. The publishers are able to persuade the developers into make fixes and changes as requested by the players. Unfortunately, MGAME is very slow to put in anti-cheat engines.

    The only thing Steam can do is put more GMs on the servers, but this won't catch them all. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox When one gets banned the rest log off. When the comminuty comes together and provides undisputable video evidence, then the GMs can ban more TPT users regardless if they are logged in or currently running TPT.

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    I'm trying to play on the steam server, when doing the phone verification it drops the call immediately. I'm within the US using a Oregon cell number. The GMs seem to not have time to help me through the issue and it's been about two days of me trying to get someone's attention. Does anyone know of a workaround for this process? I've tried the discord, and steam forums, as well as an official ticket on NTTgames website, but I've heard it can take multiple weeks for a response. Any help is welcome

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