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    Unhappy dear knight online an ntt game family

    hi dear ntt game admins

    l dont know how to start l am just lookıng for help from game master any help will be realy make me happy .
    l was playing at gaia servır now its in edena realy long time l didnt played couse so much illegal users anyway l
    heard new server came and l start playing again at olimpya server day 3 l was at monster stone cave and l got
    disconnect l tryed looging game but there was an error error code is tpt cr dear nttt game masters l never used
    any illegal programs and l cant explane anybuydy that now l am waiting for ur help pls help me

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    dear noah team l was looking for help realy long time thats what l see again ko is realy bad atm no help no trust no person second chance so we are going to stop playing tnks have good day

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    Did you send any ticket to support.nttgame ? if you didn't you should send ticket about your has been blocked account.They will be able to answer..
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    maybe it's bug or something , just wait till server re log , your post it's from long time , maybe your problem has been fixed

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