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    hi, my account is verified and active but i cant open any player store ingame!

    hi, my account is verified and active but i cant open any player store ingame!

    please help me some1

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    You mean cannot open any merchant from other player, no matter if its buy merchant or selling merchant, right?

    To do it you need be level 30 or above and have your account verified. Btw, if you talking about power up store items, some of them need level 55 or above to merchant it.

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    Also too make sure you have SMS and OTP activated.....SMS allows you to be able to browse or set up merchant freely.....OTP is a protection service to help prevent you getting hacked....If you do not have any of these then I would just for the time being, only purchase a bronze premium, this also allows you to set up merchant and browse other players merchant, and do not keep a high amount of npoints until you have OTP activated.....The reason I say about limiting your npoints is this....they have now come out with a PUS scroll that allows a player to change any type of premium to another one they want.....and if you have a bronze and hardly any npoints....this hacker cannot change your premium unless he buys the npoints and puts on your account.....And they would need at least a gold premium to be able to hack your sealed items.....This is just a tip to protect your account at any cost.
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