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    [GUIDE] Complete Pet Guide

    How to start?
    You can make pet quest with each character of your account and this can be made with any new or existing character. At moment, pets cannot use items except for: automatic loot, potions, feed food, transformation scrolls and name change scrolls.

    Make a Pet with new character
    Go to NPC [Trainer]Kate to start pet quest. If your character is under level 10 and have not done the first job change Kate will say "You're not ready to tame Familiars, come back after the first job change". What to do now? Once you reach level 10, go to NPC [Grand Merchant]Kaishan and open NPC menu, the first line will show "1st job change [Under way]". Select it and continue to make first job change. After end, go to NPC [Trainer]Kate and open. NPC show pet quest start point "Familiars, devoid of evil, are surfacing all over the continent. Are you ready to domesticate them?" Select Yes and then "Accepted" to continue.

    Quest tips window will show the quest "Pet [Under way]". Get quest done and back to NPC Kate to reward it. Open NPC Kate menu, select "Familiar Hatching and transform" to make your kaul pet. Place the Kaul's Egg on the left square above, write name of your Familiar and press OK, a pop up box asking "Would you like to incubate the egg?" press confirm to continue. Now you can drag the pet to your inventory and close that window.

    Make a Pet with existing character
    The procedure is the same as for make a pet with new character, in this case requirement is that you never did the quest before with actual character, that's all.

    How to equip and summon pet
    Open your inventory with key "I" and equip the pet as item with right mouse button. Place scrolls "familiar summon" in your shortcut-key (character skill bar) with right mouse button, skill bar will show icon of the scroll and descriptive text says [Pat summon]Summon Pat. Use shortcut key number to summon pet. You can buy familiar summon scrolls for 11.000 noah from NPC [Trainer]Kate. In the NPC menu, store is called "Familiar random".

    Pet menu
    To access Pet Menu you need to press "P". When it's open, displays three tabs as known as "Status", "Item" and "Skill".
    Status: it shows your pet name, hp, mp, level, attack power, defense, satisfaction, level exp %, and resist stats (Flame, Glacier, Lightning, Spell or Magic, Curse and Poison).
    Item: this section is to equip item automatic looting(30Days) and to feed food to pet.
    Skill: it shows skills of pet by levels. Skills are open when pet reach levels 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55 and 60.

    Pet shortcut-key (pet skill bar), Interface & Auto loot item
    Keys number 1 & 2 are pinned in the shortcut-key of pet. The key 1 is to select pet play mode and key 2 is to start attack with pet.
    Key 1 usage: Switch with keys ALT+1 to select pet attack, defense and looting mode.
    Shortcut-key display: A= attack mode P= defense mode (rest: hp recovery mode) L= looting mode.
    Key 2 usage: attack mode by default (automatic cast it's impossible for it). Press ALT+2 to start attack.
    Keys 3 to 10: use to place mana and health potions for pet. Use to place the other skills that your pet earn when reach level.

    *Important note: pets are not able to use non-tradable quest potions, only normal potions and premium potions can be used.

    The pet interface display name, level of pet and four colored bars. What display those bars?
    Red bar: health.
    Blue bar: mana.
    Green bar: food status (satisfaction).
    Yellow bar: experience progress.

    Every time your pet reach one level, mana and health bars fill up automatically.

    Auto Loot
    To activate auto loot item, first you need to purchase "Voucher for Automatic Pet" from game Power Up Store (it worth 248 npoints unless on special), or you can get from another players in game merchants (item named: Automatic Pet Looting Voucher).

    Voucher usage: open menu of NPC [Trainer]Kate, select "Use voucher" and next menu select "Exchange Automatic Loot" and confirm. Voucher will be exchanged for Automatic Looting (30Days) item. Open pet menu "P", select "item" tab and use right mouse button to equip the Automatic Looting item. Use shortcut-key of pet with keys ALT+1 to select (L) looting mode.

    By default, pets loot everything. Cannot use auto loot on pvp zones, abyss despair, abyss hell nor delos castle (except for Oreads item. See below "Other Information").

    Pet food
    Your pet will need food. When your pet food status (green bar of pet interface) gets low, your pet faint and disappear to avoid experience lost. Feed food will increase the satisfaction of pet. You can buy it from NPC [Trainer]Kate, open NPC menu store "Familiar random", there you have three kind of food, Leaf, Bread and Milk. Depends on pet level, the satisfaction rate will be different, in example: a low level pet can get plenty satisfaction bar with a single leaf, in the other hand, a high level pet get plenty feeding milk to it. For a pet of middle level, approximately satisfaction rates are:

    Leaf: 25% satisfaction
    Bread: 50 % satisfaction
    Milk: 100 % satisfaction

    To feed food your pet, first buy from NPC [Trainer]Kate any of the food items on store (familiar random). Open pet menu with "P", switch to "Item" tab and drag pet food to feeding place, message come and ask "Do you want to fee" press Yes to continue and close pet menu.

    Pet skills by level
    As I said before, skills are open when pet reach levels 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55 and 60. On the table below you can find description of each skill. At level 1 pet have only one skill for start attack.

    Skill Name Level MP Consumption
    Automatic Cast Effect
    Designated pet attack 1 Doesn't use MP Impossible Attack an enemy with your pet
    Slap 10 4 MP Possible Inflict 120% damage
    Razorsharp toenail 20 10 MP Possible Using the razorsharp toenail, inflict 120%
    damage and additional 50 damage
    Heavy attack 30 20 MP Possible Perform a fail-safe attack and deal an
    additional 50 damage.
    Passion of the soul 30 120 MP Impossible Increase Max HP by 120
    Firm determination 35 200 MP Impossible Increase Defense by 20
    Leg Bite 40 35 MP Possible Inflict damage and has a chance to
    reduce enemy's movement speed by 30%
    Strong Fang 50 50 MP Possible Inflicts 200% damage
    Passion of the Soul 2 55 250 MP Impossible Increase Max HP by 250
    Fatal Attack 60 75 MP Possible A fail-safe attack that inflicts 150%
    damage and an additional 200 damage
    Firm Determination 2 60 350 MP Impossible Increase defense by 35

    Transformation of pet
    Any pet can be transformed to change their appearance using scrolls for it. You can apply any of those scrolls to make this and there are different scrolls. To transform your current pet, go to NPC [Trainer]Kate, open menu and select option Familiar Hatching and transform, place your pet on the left square above, place the transformation pet scroll in the middle and press OK, it will pop up a new window asking "would you like to upgrade the familiar?" press confirm to continue and get your pet upgraded in to new shape.

    Basic Scrolls:
    Image Change (L) Transforms the familiar slightly better: you can get a kekoon, vulcan, bandicoot and kaul.
    Image Change (M) Transforms the familiar much better: you can get a goblin bouncer, smirdon, taion, hornet and dragon teeth soldier.
    Image Change (H) Transforms the familiar to the greatest level: you can get a harpy, stone golem and lamia.

    Unique and Event Scrolls:
    Etaros Transformation Scroll.
    Scroll of Pet Transformation of Santa Beauty.
    Magpie Pet Transformation Scroll.
    Forgotten Princess Pet Transformation Scroll.
    HellFire Dragon Pet.
    Plwitoon Pet.
    Dreamful girl Pet Transformation Scroll.
    Crisis Pet Changing Scroll.
    Ibex Pet Changing Scroll.
    Lunar New Year's Pet Transformation Scroll: this event scroll that transform familiar into a various forms.

    Power Up Store Scrolls:
    Cuff Binder Transformation Scroll.
    Giga Hammer Transformation Scroll.
    Krowaz Transformation Scroll.

    How to seal pet
    Same as other items you can seal your pet. Go to NPC [Inn Host], select option Seal/Cancel (anti-theft), place your pet above on left side, enter your secret answer (seal/unseal code) and press confirm, then after press confirm again two times to get seal your pet. You need 1 million noahs and premium status active (gold premium or above) to perform seal action.

    Pet configuration F10 option
    You can configure your pet options with F10 key (game menu). Press F10 and tab option, select from left side menu rooting option & familiar options to configure it.

    Rooting option: F10 > Option > Rooting option > Apply > Save settings.
    To set the price of item that pet will loot and select consumable item looting.

    Configure the shop price of items that pet take with the auto loot item (from 0 noahs or above). Place mouse cursor over gray box and input noahs value.
    Configure if pet will loot consumable items (quest item and potions). On the box: Check (Yes loot) or Uncheck (No loot) consumable item.

    Familiar option: F10 > Option > Familiar option > Save settings.
    To select the speak mode and transparency of chatballon for your familiar.

    By default your pet speak when reach level 11. On the box: Check (No speak) or Uncheck (Yes speak).
    Slide the blue cursor below to configure transparency of chatballon (by default is the minimum value).

    Genie settings for pet
    On genie mode pet is mostly used to looting items, however you can also set up your pet in to attack mode and make experience with it while use genie. Take consideration of you cannot use both features at same time, or attack or looting.

    Open Knight Genie menu (Press the down arrow on genie bar) and switch to tab "Other", configure feed food to pet doing checkmark option that says "Automatically feed when Familiar's hunger level is 5", be sure to have enough food over your inventory. Switch to tab "Recover" to select pet recovery on / off, place HP potions (only normal or premium potions) and configure the percentage where the pet should take the potion, set "on" if you going to use pet for attack, and set "off" if you going to use pet only for looting. Note that same as food, you need to have enough HP potions for your pet to heal itself while doing target attack.

    At this point, I would not recommend using the genie for pet attack mode, because it's not defined yet mana recovery, as it's not defined settings skill for pet attack, the reason is that you should start attack using the command ALT+2 and then the other skills with automatic cast, however you can test using this feature and your pet should be top level, but still can die and lose experience. It is preferable to use only for looting feature on genie mode.

    Experience your pet
    One good advice: do not attempt to train your pet if you dont have time and patience to do it ok?
    And now, let's trainee your pet: Get over your inventory enough pet food, HP & MP potions and summon pet scrolls to start.

    Summon your pet and use shortcut-key to set attack mode (ALT+1= A), place HP and MP potions in the shortcut-key pet (preferred locations can be slot 9 and 10), select target to attack with key "Q" or "Z", to make your pet attack use ALT+2. Same as your character, when get attacked it lose HP. You have to fill HP and MP to pet using the designated shortcut-key slot for it. At level 1, pet have only one skill for attack, it's called "Designated pet attack". It doesn't use MP. Cannot use the automatic cast with it. You can use this skill with command ALT+2. When your pet earn more skill, it will have more attack power, you add skills to shortcut-key bar and use it with commands ALT+3 ALT+4.. etc.

    To set automatic cast, you need to click right mouse button over the skill on the slot at shortcut-key of pet (note that there are skills that cannot use this feature, see above skill table to know which are possible and which are not), automatic cast is possible after level 10 skills. You know that automatic cast it's active when the slot skill show a gold line circulating over it, this feature help cast skill more faster and improve attack performance of the skills selected.

    What to kill?
    It's up to you. Your pet earn skills and you test kill with it. You can try next mobs kills by levels:

    Lvl 1 to 10: worms, bandicots, kekoons, bulcans.
    Lvl 11 to 20: gavolts, giant gavolts, bultures, giant bulcans, scorpions.
    Lvl 21 to 30: werewolf, lycan, pincer poison, paralizer, rotten eyes, skeleton.
    Lvl 31 to 40: apes, saber tooth, machirodus, megantelion, cardinals.
    Lvl 41 to 50: uruk hai, uruk blade, uruk tron, dragon tooth soldier, dragon tooth skeleton.
    Lvl 51 to 60: lamia, dragon tooth commander, harpy, deruvish, apostles, golems.

    Don't forget familiar summon scrolls, pet food, HP and MP potions that you need use with your pet. When pet die lost experience. If you leveling your pet alone, both will get experience. If you are on party, only pet will get experience from kills. Of course, if you and your pet kill together (without party), both earn experience from those kills. Btw, you can make your character sit down and earn experience too when trainee your pet.

    Other information

    Name change scroll are not working (at moment) on special event pets, like forgotten princess, hellfire dragon, plwitoon, etc. (Don't know when will be fixed this problem, sorry).

    If you want to use your pet Automatic Looting item with next character of your account, remind take it down to your character inventory then store it at inn host. If you leave the Automatic Looting item over pet, it will remain on the character (no matters if you put back the pet to inn host).

    There is another item from Power Up Store, that works as auto loot, it's called Oreads Voucher and have duration of 30 days. It can be exchanged with the NPC [Vendor]Kayra to get Oreads item. This item has no any restricted zone to collect and only will take drops from nearby targets (loot items within 5 meter radius).

    Sometimes happens a visual glitch, when you equip your Automatic Looting item over your pet and after you do fast switch from Pet menu to your inventory, this makes that you cannot see the items you have over your inventory correctly, also makes that you cannot use the consumable items (you will see only number of stackable items). To fix this problem, open again pet menu with key "P" close it and open your inventory again with key "I", now you will be able to see and use all those items without problem.

    Note for server merge
    Be sure to store your pet at Inn Host or have it equipped at the right place. When you leave your pet down at character inventory, somehow after server merge this pet become bug and loses its name, then you cannot equip it and therefore you cannot summon, cannot transform into other shape or change the name. At the moment, the only way to fix this is send ticket to customer support.

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    GG ^^ great guide. Thank you.

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    Update: Now you able to use non-tradable quest potion with your pets.

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