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    Hostility - Human

    Simply put we are old school Dies/C-West players
    looking to add a few peeps to the clan....

    We are just lookin to have some fun when We're not at work,
    Like most KO players.

    Leader : MintberryYumYum
    Co-Leads : Tormentor - Ooops

    We don't have a vent yet but we will!

    We are all from the States but as long as you speak/type *English*
    your more then welcome.

    We are allied with Enmity (our subclan)
    Hostility is 80+
    Enmity is 70+

    English clans are becoming more rare by the hour.
    We just came back to Ko after a short hiatus.
    We have only been back for a few weeks so we are still trying to gear up and lvl n whatnot

    Leave a message here or pm one of us and we will get back to
    you as soon as we can.

    Thnx for lookin and have a Bitchin Day !!

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    I would like to join
    PmgTurtle Lvl 74 Range Rogue
    NV USA
    message me or email me
    [email protected]
    i wanna join asap

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