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    Quote Originally Posted by IKMongo View Post
    There is one named Derpy? I have a new favorite I guess haha. The music went pretty good, especially the epic montage song in the middle haha. Brightened my day.
    Yea, copyright laws are BS ;[
    Yeah. They removed her name after a while and changed her eyes to normal. But the Community still calls her Derpy
    Idk what was wrong with the mage players in the boss event but, they kept teleporting someone weak right in front of me. Like "Oh, you're gonna kill me? KILL HIM TOOOO!!" or more like the scene i put, "I don't wanna die" situation. lol. The render problem made it a bit bad but still funny i guess

    And here's how derpy looks like : (It looks soooo big if i put [IMG] code. So I'll just put the link D: )

    btw, not about the topic but, every time i see your Location, I just scream inside like the Space Core from Portal 2 "I'm in SPAAAAAAACEEEEEEE"
    And a thing about the thread, what you mean by "The experience of a Boss Invasion event" in awards D: It's like the winner will get 10m xp points or something If it is something like that, Is there a chance to get it for our another character?
    Actually I'm not even sure if they're PUS items D:
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