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    Knight Online Twitch TV - Private Broadcasters

    Hail Knights!

    We encourage ouer Knight Online community to live broadcast. Under this thread you can post when and what will you broadcast at your chanel, so you can have the chance to appeal to a much wider audience.

    Following two rules have to be respected:
    1. Broadcast material can not contain any illegal activity
    2. Remember that your broadcast could be wached by younger players so do not swear !

    Do as you wish in your publication activities.

    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
    How to instal OTP - CLICK HERE
    How to verify your account with SMS to enable trade - CLICK HERE
    How to use Pay Safe Cards - CLICK HERE
    Rest of useful Guides - CLICK HERE
    I don't speak Turkish, so please if you need something, use English at my pm's.

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    [Stream+Giveaway]100 Special summon staff/20x 400 ESN Cash Codes Giveaway/ Boss Event


    My first stream was pretty much successful for me and I really enjoyed it, I decided to do it again.
    The stream quality will be much better this time.
    You will only be able to win once during the giveaway.

    On 09/10/15 22:00 [ 10 PM EEST (GMT + 3:00) ] After Under the Castle event, I will start the stream. [ Follow the stream to receive notification when I start. ]
    You will have the chance to see me opening 100x Special monster summon staff.
    I will also giveaway 20x 400 ESN Cash Codes every 15 summon staff I will do.
    Before every giveaway roll I will spawn 1-2 Bosses [Total of 20 bosses] outside moradon for the viewers to kill.
    In order to win the giveaway you will have to follow my twitch channel and write the keyword I will provide during the stream.
    If you won the giveaway you will receive your ESN Code to your Twitch private message box.

    The server I will be doing the event on: Midgard, Probably server 1.
    My Twitch channel: Twitch
    My Character Name: Barla

    Please make sure to follow the channel before entering the giveaway! I really feel bad when I need to re-roll because someone didn't follow.

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    hmm, I am randomly streaming, not on a set time, but will normally be during the evening hours of Europe, being 18:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT.

    My twitch = Ranzoape It is a high quality stream, guess you'll just need to sign up to get notified when I start streaming.
    Server: Gordion
    Class: Priest (buffer, so no fancy combo's and stuff)
    Name: Ranzoape
    Clan: Rampage

    Streaming PVP, CSW, Lunar War, Krowaz and even UTC if I for once get in. And between forming parties or waiting for events to start it will be random streams of me running around in Moradon or even EXPing.

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