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Thread: Hi NTT Team

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    Unhappy Hi NTT Team

    I fall off in the jail while walking in Laiba Village.

    Do you have an error in the game?

    I didn't use illegal program.But I fall off in the jail while walking in Laiba Village.

    Place : Laiba Village - Lamia

    Koordinat : 667,1095

    My Server : Destan2

    My Char Name : Bahcelii

    Please help me.
    Date : 20.05.2015

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    I know you were referring for someone from NTTGame, but I saw you didn't get an answer so I figured I should leave here a comment that would probably answer your thread.

    Even if you weren't using any type of illegal program you could get jailed for partying with someone who did use an illegal program.
    Don't take it the wrong way, I am not saying you were in a party with such a player but if you did, don't be surprised, just saying.

    Anyway, did you submit a ticket?
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