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    Facebook Cover Photo

    ​Dear NTTGame Community,

    It is time to dig deep into your imagination and your artistic side! We are offering players the chance to create their own cover photo for the Knight Online Facebook pages, and a fun way to win some NPoints! Below you can find all the details on how to participate in the new Cover Photo event!

    Facebook Page: US: Link EU: Link

    Event Instructions:
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Players must create their own original images, hand drawn, photoshop, or otherwise[/COLOR] in a chance to have their art featured as the cover photo for the Facebook pages! The art must follow the theme for the month, appropriate for all users, [COLOR="#FF0000"]must not use copyrighted work outside of images owned by NTTGame and its affiliates[/COLOR], resolution must be no larger than 851x315 pixels, and the work must be your own! Feel free to use game screenshots and any content off our websites!

    *EVENT THEME*: Strength of Warriors! (Make a great work of art around the legendary Warriors of the Adonis Continent!)

    Important Dates:
    Participation Period: 5/07 - 5/30
    Prize Distribution: 6/04

    Event Prizes:
    First place winner will receive 3200 N Points, as well as having their art work featured as the cover photo for the Facebook pages for a month!
    Second place winner will receive 2000 N Points!
    Third place winner will receive 800 N Points!
    All entries will be put into an Fan Art Album on the Facebook pages and will be compiled into a slideshow video for the Youtube channel.
    GM Team will make the final selection for winners.

    Submission Thread

    Thank you,
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