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Thread: Suggestion List

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    Chaos event with fee of leader points 100

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    take care of you community english and spanish

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    Disable genie in moradon. lower the price of pathos glove and minerva package. its only cosmetic and it doesn't long lasting (only 30 days). Roughly 700kc+400kc 1200kc = 100 TL. I believe if you lower the price, everyone would buy it frequently. 1000 people buying cheap is better than 100 people buying high.

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    Hello there.

    My suggestion is quite simple and might not important

    can you add more features in looting section? like we can choose what items to loot and not to loot. Not all consumable items are worth to loot. like genie at grells, and got many water of love and its quite heavy.

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    I think this i last time when i post in suggestion list, no1 care.

    Chaos and Draki Tower only for K0xp, change it.

    Draki's Tower:

    Showing Ranking 1-100 or 1-50, not only top5.
    Last Boss can be killed only by 83+ lvl, every one can join farm ofc, but last boss only for
    83+ level, in last 1-2h end of month k0xper's (low levels) log in and make top10 place.


    1) Disabled Event.
    2) Do nothing and change name to KOXPCHAOS.
    3) You will get exp + reward by level.

    Exp Reward
    1-50 500k
    51-60 5m
    61-70 10m
    71-80 15m
    83+ 20m

    1-79 Level Reward

    1-3 = Green Chest
    4-10 = Black/Green Gem
    11-18 = Red Chest

    80+ Level Reward

    1-3 = Blue Chest
    4-10 = Yellow Gem
    11-18 = Green Chest

    Forgotten Temple:

    Many ppl join and stay afq or without party, make something like JR
    if join FT you will get random party.

    GL & HF
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    my suggestion request:
    Show who is the current drop owner for big bosses like Felankor. So if multiple people and parties attacking Felankor, on top it will say who will get the drop so there's no confusion and prevents scammers from stealing drops by just being the first to drain felankor with the 10% skill.

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    I can code all of this for free for NTTGAME

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    Delete "Descend" skill for warrior. It doesn't make any sense for the class to be able to "teleport".
    At the very least, make the cool down 5 minutes or something.

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    Archer 3-5 arrow CD.
    Styx CD 40-60 sec.

    Descent - 90 sec CD
    Scorpion scythe - hp recovery 10 !
    Passion Warrior skills can be used only with one - handed weapons ( lugias + hanguk etc)
    Attack Warrior skills can be used only with one and two handed weapons.
    AOE warrior skills 60 sec CD or more !

    All shields requirements change from 90 STR to 90 INT. ( if warrior wanna use shield he need put some INT stats )

    All mage AOE skill change CD to 60-80 sec.

    Drain is useless atm, Delete it. And add new skill Venom dagger when you use it you have chance to venom your enemy DoT dmg.

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