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    Mismatching of AnyOTP Codes

    Greetings Dear Ntt Game Followers;

    We have prepared a new guide and solution for the problem that you have had. If you have installed your AnyOTP programm in accordance with our guides; but still have problem about supplied codes not working, please follow the steps in this guide.

    1- Open the date and time settings of the computer that you installed your AnyOTP programm, either by clicking on the time shown in right bottom corner, or via control panel.

    2- Choose the time zone that suits to your location, For example, It supposed to be Istanbul (UTC+3) for Turkey

    3- Click “ Change Date and Time “.

    4- Go to website and check the time of your PC and this website and set the time of your PC to same as in this website ( max 10 seconds difference may be tolerated ).

    5- Then run your AnyOTP programme, click Settings menu,

    6- Click “Time Synchronization” option, then click “Time Sync” button.

    7- Now login to our ICS website ( ) and test your ONE TIME PASSWORD in [COLOR="#008000"]My ICS >> Test OTP Code[/COLOR]

    8- If the AnyOTP codes are still not working, it means you made a mistake while installing your AnyOTP programm. You must uninstall the programm and then install it again. You can check our “ How to Register ICS “ and “ Blocked AnyOTP Programme “ guides about this situation from “ Troubleshooter ” in our Support site or can check the guides from our forum site from the links below:

    Thank you for your interest and we wish you enjoy the game.
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