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    thats the easy thing to do

    I just got home and i see that my good friend mindo is banned.
    He is ower clan member for several years now and i never have see him cheating , so i cant he use it now
    I have read the forum about him that he got blocked and they i have some questions about.
    How can you know that some 1 in party use tpt ?
    Why do we use xing code was that not to keep out using tpt?
    Is the otp we must use not also thirth party tool?
    And is the gm is 24/7 online why he dont see all k0xper in eslant and in rlb and ronark?
    Same what now is running that a k0sper clan in eslant with nearly the same name as ower clan .

    i wil put my 2 arms in fire that i can say that mindo never use any form of cheats in this game.
    and like the first time i think u must unban him because also the first time he did not use any tpt


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    if you want you can read whole thread about his case (7 pages) here :

    there is no point to talk about it over and over.
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