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    [GUIDE] Pay Safe Cards - How to use them

    1. So first of all you have to create account at official web site of pay safe card under this link:

    2. your language should be detected automaticaly but you can change it at bottom :

    3. After your regeister your account and verify with e-mail you have to buy PaySafeCard, important thing is you have to buy card at shop/store at your country. I`m not recommend buying them online because they have to be [COLOR="#FF0000"]in your country currency [/COLOR] or they wont work (i will tell more about it at the end) .

    4. So you alredy have account on PSC and you have a card now you have to use it, first you have to log at with your game login/password and choose " ADD NPOINT" , then you have to choose Pay Safe Card bar:

    5. Now you have to choose ammount of Npoint and currency which you will pay - USD or Euro:

    6. and it gonna look typical like this :

    7. then you will be redirected to pay safe card web site and your language will be automaticaly detected and you cant change that at this pointso that`s why other steps will be with polish screen shots. You have to log to Pay Safe Card portal with login and password that you have created at steps 1-3:

    8. They you will have to type your 16 digits code of your Pay Safe Card (4 numbers each bar) and press OK:

    9. I have used 50 polish złoty card, so 50 złoty was added to my account balance, and now you just need to click on PAY button (in polish it is ZAPŁAĆ) :

    10. After that your payment should be complated :

    If you have bought online card with wrong currency that dosent work for you from their official online shop ( you have to sent e-mail to Pay Safe Card support on this e-mail adress :
    [email protected]
    You will have to provide your account ID and screen shot of your unused card that dosent work for you, after few days they should disable the card you had and sent you new one with equal or bigger amount of your contry currency - with my case it took them 5 working days.
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    Well done

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    Hey guy, does playsafecard still works ? I live in Australia and I used to use playsafecard to buy Npoints (which i bought in Aus $)

    But right now it seems not working anymore. Help pls

    Edited: Found out what happened. Im all good now ty
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