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    [Verdict: Unban Account] Wrongful banning

    Character name: WFCKnight2

    Server: DESTAN (I think)

    Account block date: 1/16 or 1/17/2013 (I submitted my Support ticket on the 17th)

    Reason: For 3rd Party tools or scamming (Generic Reply)

    Defense: Some of you know me and Know I post reports on Hackers all the time, I have never used hacks. I was one of the people requesting what NttGame finally released as Game Genie. No I did not ask by name but for something that could be purchased legally in PUS that could compete with the KO>

    My normal routine is to Farm Manticors, during the day and Mine during the evening.
    I was not banned until after several hours of mining (I do not use bots for that either). Everything I state is easily verified just by simply looking to see if I entered the ESN for any of the Hacks available during this period of time of the game.
    This is a Video that was make the day (1/17/2013 _ 8:50pm Eastern Time USA) I was so-called using 3rd party tools

    It clear I am recording a report video of a hack user. But I am using Game Genie and still can not compete.

    This account was Accidentally or mistakenly banned and released 2 prior times, October 2012 and November 14, 2012, both times reinstated, here is the November Customer support email reply.
    Ticket #: 865965
    Subject: My account is blocked again
    Status: Closed
    [Nov 14 2012 10:27AM] : Dear xxxxxxxx,
    "Our team has checked your status and found that your account is not banned. Please try to login again and "

    Apparently I upset somebody in Support, but personal opinions should not be grounds for Banning, even I would love to see every hack user I catch on video banned, but it is not my decision, and I do accept it. I just keep reporting.

    PUS Genie and pet looting Purchases (Not including the many other Purchases)
    As you can see. I have been using Game Genie
    (Averaging 60-70 per month, 120-140 hours game time)

    201301162454602 16/01/2013 6:20:5PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201301152446224 15/01/2013 6:22:2PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201301142437882 14/01/2013 5:50:4PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201301142437326 14/01/2013 4:55:2PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201301142436125 14/01/2013 2:01:0PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201212232250775 23/12/2012 3:19:3PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212212229237 21/12/2012 12:32:5AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212132157125 13/12/2012 2:50:5AM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201212102132261 10/12/2012 12:31:4PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 216
    201212092124170 09/12/2012 3:55:3PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212082109106 08/12/2012 2:33:4AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212062087614 06/12/2012 2:11:2PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201212062083825 06/12/2012 2:49:5AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212052069703 05/12/2012 1:59:3PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201212052066743 05/12/2012 12:43:3AM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201211262047521 26/11/2012 1:16:5PM Genie Hammer 248
    201211252037302 25/11/2012 3:27:4PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211161939513 16/11/2012 1:38:0PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211161938214 16/11/2012 10:15:3AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211141917296 14/11/2012 1:17:0PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211131908128 13/11/2012 10:16:5AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211101875418 10/11/2012 11:10:3AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211071847759 07/11/2012 8:42:1PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201211031794669 03/11/2012 4:44:5PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201210301731675 30/10/2012 5:17:0PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201210291717241 29/10/2012 7:36:2PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201210291717240 29/10/2012 7:36:2PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201210231591040 23/10/2012 1:14:0PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201210191558790 19/10/2012 1:37:4PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 0
    201210151532573 15/10/2012 12:27:3AM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 0
    201210071477772 07/10/2012 1:05:3PM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201209281425156 28/09/2012 11:00:2PM Spirit of Genie (10ea) 108
    201209031295565 03/09/2012 11:07:1AM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248
    201209031295550 03/09/2012 11:05:0AM Hyper Noah Scroll 149
    201207141027575 14/07/2012 1:53:0AM Hyper Noah Scroll 149
    201206270964248 27/06/2012 11:13:2AM Hyper Noah Scroll 149
    201206270964247 27/06/2012 11:13:2AM Voucher for Automatic Pet Looting 248

    Thank you for reconsideration

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    Your case has been moved to Gamers Court. Please answer the questions that the Jury may have. Welcome
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    did you check the players in your party? people love to add random people who may use hacks and get the whole party banned

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    I play this game solo, no clan no party. I was in a clan until July 2012, but the members all quit the game.
    Since then I have helped a few players that had quests and I was farming the spawn, but that was only about 5 minutes,
    and I insist on being the only person killing. (That only occurred an average of 1 time every 2-3 weeks)

    Normally I am the person running around making videos and reporting hack users.
    That is why I had the Video of my game play just hours before being banned myself. (Linked in my Original Post.

    As I said that character had Accidental bans (2) previous times, both lifted after submitting a ticket.
    Email information of the 2nd time is also in my original Posting.
    I tried to be as complete on my submission as possible.

    The biggest problem to not partying or having a clan is I do not speak Turkish or I have seen Party and Clan members using hacks.
    So for the last 6 months prior to that account being banned I just played solo, mainly Farming (Using Genie and Pet Auto Loot) or Mining.

    It is possible that I upset the wrong people by making a Video of them for Hack Reporting.
    I was not shy about telling people, but never did I curse or say much more than "Making Hack report Video".
    But making a video for reporting should not be a bannable offense, or even telling somebody you are doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFCKnight1 View Post
    It is possible that I upset the wrong people by making a Video of them for Hack Reporting.
    I was not shy about telling people, but never did I curse or say much more than "Making Hack report Video".
    But making a video for reporting should not be a bannable offense, or even telling somebody you are doing it.
    you would not be ever banned for such thing, and maby i would belive that two bans of same account would be a mistake but 3 ? I dont belive in coincidences
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    I don't speak Turkish, so please if you need something, use English at my pm's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REGISS_ View Post
    you would not be ever banned for such thing, and maby i would belive that two bans of same account would be a mistake but 3 ? I dont belive in coincidences
    I am not arguing with you but, according to the Customer support, there really was not any prior bans, just for some reason the account was blocked.
    As you can see even Customer support states they found no reason after research.
    At least I am posting their replies. But you and I know it is very simply to verify Hacking in this game.
    Just look and see if I ever entered the ESN for the Program to be used in game.
    And you can easily verify the Account to see about previous bans. Which I have never received even a short term ban.
    We also both know that this game has had issues where an upgrade will block accounts, I am not saying that is what happened this time.
    But the previous 2 times, according to Customer Support would not be out of the realm of possibilities.

    I have place more evidence that I have not used than anybody else in these requests for review.
    There is no reason for spending $100s of US Dollars a month in this games NPoints and PUS Store if
    I were using hacks, the hacks sold by the Online Resellers are much cheaper.

    The statement you replied to is the ONLY thing I can think of I did to get banned for, no explanation was given, except the generic, but it did not say what it was. just listed the possibilities, (i.e. Hack user or scamming) this time CS refused to tell me what or why.
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    Look, I believe as the old saying "Honesty will set me free", so I included everything.
    Sure I probably should have not included some things, and just left it out of my Appeal request.
    But everything is verifiable by you, You have access to all the information I put in here, so why not just be up front.

    You can see my full PUS purchase list and the NPoint purchases, you can verify the ESNs I did input, and the previous tickets or Bannings if any.
    So why Hide something you are going to find? I have always found being completely honest in the first place, prevents embarressing moments later.
    and in the case of something like this...that could be the difference of having my Appeal granted or not.

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    I profiled your account using the data available from your old videos and especially with active and varying genie points, and all the scrolls you regularly use, combined with the looting pet i would say you don't fall anywhere near the common hacker behavior.
    However rare your in game exping and farming choices may seem to be, i understand how you think, but i also know the general situation in the game, and advise that you refrain from staying too long and afk in common botter spots.

    KO is designed to be a team game, and it's ecosystem is predominantly evolved that way. Your choices are not wrong, but i believe caused misconceptions in the past due to continuously being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    i see hope here, but every member will place their own vote.
    "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer."

    Bruce Lee

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    Thank you for your comments and advice.
    Well I understand, I was a member and leader of a very Strong group of Humans Clans on Edana Server,
    From 2006-2008. We would only party within our own clan. Now understand this was in the days
    just prior to and after the release of "Fire Drake" (The good old days).
    95% of all Turkish players were hack using, I did have a few Turkish friends that refused to use hacks.
    I spent about 16 Hours a day playing in Ardream, those Turkish friends were Opponents, that would periodically challenge each other to 1v1s in away areas, even they agreed about the percentage of hack use.
    But it was still fun.

    TBH: I am rarely AFK, I may not be watching constantly, but I am sitting by the PC, the game is usually showing video on my secondary Monitor (Extended desktop) while talking to my wife online or watching Stream Live TV on the other monitor. I do have my options set to block Private messages, Trade and Party requests. (1 suggestion is that if a GM is trying to verify If I am online or has a question, The GM Private Message should override those settings. But a GM should be able to tell the difference when using Game Genie and Pet Looting, as in my video Hack users rarely use Pets for looting. Especially with "GENIE" Bannered overhead.

    Well most Americans and Europeans have quit the game now, sure there are still hack users but mainly Farming, they are being caught and banned in the PvP areas. But I have joined Clans, but since I do not use hacks and do not speak Turkish, I am not allowed to stay.
    There are several people that go around inviting players to their clan, only to Pull them into the Cape Quest area and kill them for 1/2 their Gold on them.
    I do like the game, but things have really changed but have not been able to quit playing since there still is not a better game available for PVP or Game style.

    So I do not want to be banned for partying with hack users, so I play solo, I am however still looking for those 5-6 players I can enjoy the game with.
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    i wish the best for you and hope you get your char back and play your own way although its hard with solo .. but even that game can't take from you if you are not guilty i believe how hard play game without friends you lost from the old days of ko regarding of quiting

    and hope one day you can find some new friends and enjoy your game farming pking etc..

    with all my best wishes
    Kind Regards

    What Goes Around Comes Around

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