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  1. Long time since last log in and my character name was changed

    One of my characters in Ares was changed from Extolmom to several numbers and the name Torment. Will you please look into why? This also may help into my stuff taken :(
    Thank you!
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    Having Trouble Submitting Ticket

    Hi, is the support feature down? It keeps saying 'invalid department' when clicking on the knight's tab for support ticket.
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    I really miss this game

    I hope the mods are reading this as well as you all. I have played this game as far back as when 000000 was playing (he killed me of course) Back in 2014 I repeatedly asked the mods to help me...
  4. Wow I got hacked in October and they said because...

    Wow I got hacked in October and they said because the ticket wasn't in some '10 day' window, they won't restore...omg! I leave the game for a bit (over maybe 2 weeks) and it's my fault I didn't...
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