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  1. Thread: Clan in ares

    by juice420

    Clan in ares

    i am a lvl 51 warrior looking for a clan i am fairly active i also have a lvl 60 mage! just looking for a clan to join so im not playing alone:)
  2. lvl 74 karus warrior looking for english speaking clan

    im a lvl 74 warrior with a lvl 52 mage im looking for a fairly active clan as ia m an active player. i am a team player i am all about helping out in anyway
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    I have a lvl 74 warrior and id like to join if...

    I have a lvl 74 warrior and id like to join if there is any more i am a farely active player and im always game to help out fellow clan members in any way i can :)
  4. How to make decent money with out spending actual cash?! HELP

    Ive been playing this game off and on for years and ive always had trouble getting enough money to buy items let alone buy pots lol i dont mind farming or grinding at all lol I just want to know some...
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    Recruiting Members for Clan

    Hello my clan name Is HonorAboveAll and the leader is Elctrozora and if youre looking for a very active clan,helpful clan we are the one! we will quest,pvp, and help out with items as much as...
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