Hail Knights!

We want to hear your thoughts on our Account Shield Upgrade Program!
Please share your opinions about Account Shield Upgrade Program.This will help us improve planning and executing upcoming events.

  • 1. Click HERE to start the survey
  • 2. Please follow the instructions and complete the survey
  • 3. Winners will be announced at the end of the Survey event period and 7 Days EXP Premium will be sent to winners via in-game mail.
  • (3 winners will be selected randomly from the pool of respondents at the end of the survey period. The winners will be recognized in an announcement that will be posted on the official forum. Accounts that send multiple submissions will be disqualified.)

Event Period: June 15th, 2017 - June 29th

1. Survey must be completed as instructed
2. You cannot send multiple submissions. Accounts that send multiple submissions will be disqualified
3. You must provide the valid account ID

Thank you!