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    Special Events For Ramadan

    Dear Knights,

    Mostly known as, the sultan of 11-Months, Ramadan is about to start!
    As the management of Knight Online, only thing that we could do is to present you special events for this special period. We have prepared many perfect events for you to have more fun.
    You will not only gain more noahs but also have more amusing game experience.

    25% / 50% Exp, Noah & NP Increase Event

    You will gain 25% more noahs, national points and experience points on weekdays, between 18:00 – 02:00 Server time, during whole Ramadan period and you will gain 50% more noahs, national points and experience points on weekend 18:00 – 02:00 Server time.

    You will not only gain items, but also have National Points and Experience Points from the NP/Exp Boss Monsters during Event!

    Join the battle with GM’s, prove your nation's power and win special rewards! Note: Event servers will be selected randomly

    Our game masters will hide on randomly selected servers and first player to find GM will receive special rewards.

    We wish you a happy Ramadan !

    NTTGame ll Knight Online Team
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