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    Fight for Freedom and Justice!

    Hail Knights!

    The soldiers of Karus Nation that have been cursed and left to their fate by the command of Logos have started to prepare a war against Logos and the humans due to their betrayal.

    The Tuareks that have been dealing with the hunger, drought and diseases, will soon break the silence against Logos.

    The Commander of the Karus army will be Manes. There is only one promise of Manes to his nation: Freedom & Equality.

    A group of humans think that the Karus Nation is right and they will not stay silent against the cruelty of Logos and they will soon join the army of Manes.

    When it comes to this war, only 3 soldiers from each army will be considered worthy of the title Knight!

    Event Details
    The top 3 players in monthly NP rankings from El Morad and Karus will be rewarded with NPoints.

    Event Date
    01.04.2017 - 30.04.2017

    Event Servers

    Event Prizes
    1st Place : 2000 NPoints
    2nd Place : 1600 NPoints
    3rd Place : 1200 NPoints

    Note: Blocked accounts and players that earn NP in illegal ways will not get their prizes.
    If this happens, the true owners of the first 3 positions will get their prizes.

    Have fun during your battle!

    NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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