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    Destiny of Rosetta Begins!

    Hail Knights!

    The merge of the Europa, Edana and Midgard servers we previously announced to you in the last month has been completed with the maintenance performed tonight!

    We are pleased to welcome all the new players to participate to Rosetta and we wish all the Edana, Midgard and Europa players good fun. Do not miss the events organized for Rosetta's union!

    You can click HERE to sneak a peek to the Celebration Events.

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    Hi Patheoz,

    I am player from Edana server, it is a pleasure to have more player to make the server active, but I also hope GM could scout more ingame to ensure the activities of pedal/k0xer doesn't increase as well.

    Reason I am saying that is, after the servers are merged, I saw horrible increment of pedaller/macroer/k0xper that u could name it.

    I even did an experiment on one of the pedal mage (lvl59) to vs a lvl80 warrior.
    during the vs, the mage acted like a melee to tank the warrior attack with purely staff skill attack in the arena,
    and guess what, as expected, he nailed the warrior easily.

    I have a suggestion, why not GM create a lvl59/69/83 pretending like one of the player(don't tell anyone u r gm),
    don't go for uber gear, just acted like u are normal player,
    i can 100% sure to you that, you will at least meet 1 pedal in game on pk zone.
    and from there, tell me if you can "manual" beat that person.

    for Edana server ardream? I can suggest you........
    - sin vs? Icenqecenqee
    - mage vs? stanby
    - priest vs? get any orc priest from "powerofardream" clan in edana.
    - warrior vs? no longer available, he changed to human.

    for edana server cz?
    - sin vs? kero or killerduke
    - archer vs? STERLING or ST3RLING
    - mage vs? lmao............. simply pick any Inflame clan mage
    - priest vs? erm... good question, haven't seen anyone, thank god.
    since u r GM or nttgame staff, ur connection 100% better than others,
    with equal gear, shouldn't be too hard to kill opponent since u have advantaged on the network.
    but.............i really curious if u can kill them.

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