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    2016 Winter Holiday Events!

    Hail Knights!

    The Winter Holidays have arrived to Knight Online with 4 new missions for you to take part in this cold chilly weather in Knight Online! Make sure to gear yourself with warm equipment and get ready to complete these exclusive winter missions to win rewards!

    Winter Holiday – Event 1

    Santa Claus has lost all the presents he was going to give all Knights of the Adonis continent!
    It is up to you Knights to help him and save all the Knights from being left without a gift!

    Winter Holiday – Event 2

    It seems that the monsters in the Adonis continent have corrupted the living Winter Holiday Tree!
    This once lovely tree has turned into a spooky nightmare for all citizens of the Adonis Continent!
    Help us by defeating the Cursed Winter Holiday Tree for a chance to win rewards!

    Winter Holiday – Event 3

    These Spooky Red Chickens have been spawning this holiday season. Some say these Red Chickens are the ones that have been corrupting the Winter Holiday Tree so we need you to obliterate their existence so everyone can celebrate the Winter Holiday Season in the Adonis Continent!

    Winter Holiday – Event 4

    It seems that our Lunar Lady Magpie has been interested in these Red Chicken Feathers, I think she’s trying to make a dress out of their feathers! She is looking for Knights interested in helping her obtain Red Chicken Feathers and it seems she’s giving away some great festive rewards!

    Winter Holiday – Bonus Event!

    For a limited time it seems that the Potion Merchants are selling exclusive items in celebration of the Winter Holiday!

    * Potion Merchant Price: Ibex = 15.400 coins / Crisis = 23.100 coins.
    * Dc Sundries: Ibex = 12.100 coins / Crisis = 17.600 coins.

    We Wish you a Merry Christmas!

    Event Duration: 2016-12-21~ 2017-01-18

    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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