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    SlayerNation and FairyTail Alliance - Orc Karus Side

    Hi there! Our alliance is always looking for new people to join us. We speak English in our TeamSpeak channel. Our alliance has members from all over the place (Canada, USA, Spain, Turkey, other places I think). We have "old players" and new players.

    Here's the deal.

    We are more about having fun than doing hard core PK with barking orders and rage quitting. We die a lot when the PK is bad. But so does everyone, right? We kill a lot when the PK is good. We can hold our own except for those dam mage parties where everyone dies instantly. We almost always are having fun though.

    For most of us, KO is our place to relax and have fun. We go to all 3 lunar wars but have the best showing in the first war. We do exp parties and quest parties and try to help each other when we can.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, message "Area52" or "ooBLACKCOMBoo" when in the game and we can take it from there. We do have women in our clan and if you make them angry, good luck with that.

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    Dear all readers,

    You have my full support joining this clan as I do need people to kill in CZ. So please, join, gear up and exp to 83, rebirth if you have to. And come CZ so I can kill you.

    Your Friendly Unfriendly Human,

    #Keep the battle going.

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    Hello ..
    Do you still need people to your clan ..
    i have experience in your clan with planetx and Eragon2000 if i remember from 4 years
    iam playing as priest and i have much experience in Privare Servers .. but i'll start from the bottom in usko if u accepted.

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    Hi xRasyo,
    Hey you can also pm Eragon2000. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Come join us.We like to kill kill kill,and have some laughs on the way!
    I am now playing on KarmaKane.Hope to see you on the battlefield!

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    Are yall still recruiting? I'm new to server so i will start fresh but have alot of experience with KO. Also if yall are recruiting do yall need any class in particular?

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    Hi ScrubKilla17 - just PM Area52 or ooBLACKCOMBoo or KarmaKane or Eragon2000. We are usually on around 9pm PST on weeknights. We are also around for first lunar war on Fridays at 8pm PST. Since you asked, we are low on rogues. We can talk in TS about all this stuff but send that PM and we can chat! Thanks!

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    im looking to join an active clan if your group is still together

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